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Psychology.Cloud is an Open Source project by "Psychologen ├╝ber Grenzen".
It is set up for interprofessional collaboration, comes with platforms, tools, libraries & several other features. Psychology.Cloud helps to organize your work, supports communication within & between teams and makes project management easy. It is built with Open Source technology and remains free.

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About Psychology.Cloud

Our mission is stated by the idea of an open environment for research and journalism in the field of psychology.

Use Psychology.Cloud to find Open Access Journals & Data, get involved in projects or extend your interdisciplinary & interprofessional network. Our implemented tools will allow you to create and publish your own ideas. In addition Psychology.Cloud gives you the opportunity to present your organization or to get input from other users.

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Open Psychology Network

A platform for (inter)professional networking. Get your organization involved. Present your visions!

Open Psychology Project Management

A platform to manage your projects within your own team or to connect with others to work on projects together.

Open Psychology Search Tool

A tool to find free journals, articles and data. Based on Open Source code, edited by Psychology Cloud.

Made with Love... Psychologen über Grenzen

Available Features

Psychology.Cloud URL Shortener

The Psychology.Cloud URL Shortener is actually made as an integrated function for the project management platform. But why not releasing the tool already? Yeah, why not. Here you go! The Tool runs on SSL and is accessible via


Shorten any link, just copy & paste it.

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Simply add a + to the URL ( to receive link click count.

With Psychology.Cloud account only.

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Get involved

Get involved, help us developing.

Our platforms are in a good shape already, but sure there is still plenty of work to do and we don't want to rush. We trust our ideas, but also want to get them verified by our users. Convinced that any of you have an own style and own way of work, you might develop ideas for adjustments when using platforms and tools. Get in a dialogue with us and other users or just use to check out its opportunities. Everyone is welcome to sign up. Go ahead, it's free. When we are going to launch, we will notify you and you will get your free account.

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